Getting first insurance on an NB

Hey, folks.

So I’ve just grabbed an NB and it will be making its way to me at some point soon.

I want to get insurance done, probably in about a week so I can drive the car ASAP or at least move it around a bit.

I’ve had a full EU license for 9-10 years and never had any incidents but that’s mostly cause I don’t drive much. The cheapest quote I can reasonably get on comparethemarket is with Churchill for about 440/y, car kept in work garage/street, 2-3k miles a year probably, that sort of thing. Never owned or driven a car in the UK before and this is my first insurance.

Does this seem reasonable and is there anywhere else I should be looking?


Compulsory and voluntary excess always make a difference on quotes.
Starting a insurance not knowing your age will always be slightly more with no no claims bonus.



If this is your first insurance, which suggests you have zero no claims bonus? I would think a quote at £440 is good.
2-3k miles a year is not a lot. Upping that amount might have little effect on the premium, increasing to say 5 or even 7.5k might even reduce the premium further.
Have a play about with the excess too.
Personally I don’t bother with extras either, break down, curtesy car or legal protection. You pays your money and you takes your chance.

Hi and welcome. I know you’ll enjoy your new car when you get it.
£440 sounds quite reasonable to me.
I do agree with the other members that it’s worth considering adding in voluntary excess in an attempt to reduce your premium.
There are a few insurers who claim to be favourable to MX-5 owners. Adrian Flux and Lancaster are two.
Perhaps give them a call and mention that you are a member of this forum and the owners club? It sometimes helps.
Good luck and please share pics of your ride when you get her.

Try Aviva, they ask how long you’ve held a driving license but it doesn’t have to be a full UK one. No Claims Discount earned abroad is also accounted for. Up to 4000 miles is the lowest mileage level, so you’ll be covered for anything up to there.

I’ve found them good in every way.

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Location can make a big difference to insurance cost in the UK, but £440 for a first policy here sounds pretty good to me, and Churchill are a well known company

As can being insured to drive another UK car…whether you own it or not.

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Thanks for the replies, guys.

I’m in a situation now where we haven’t transferred the V5 yet to myself, I don’t have insurance set up, obviously haven’t taxed it and I don’t have the transport set up.

I’m unsure what the right order of things is - if previous owner transfers this to my name, then the insurance on the car stops and it can’t sit on the street next to their house, correct? I am trying to get a good deal on insurance since it depends on which day I start it from - does this need to be from the day the V5 is transferred to my name? Should this be the same day the transport company collects the car?

It’s really quite difficult to organise transport as I don’t know beforehand when the car might be picked up, and figure out when I’m supposed to start insurance and road tax.

And it seems like I can’t buy insurance before buying the car.

Hi, I am happy to be corrected, but for me I would recommend insuring the car as soon as you have bought it. You will wait 2-3 weeks to receive the new V5 in your name. (The V5 is proof of registration not proof of ownership).
You will not need the V5 to insure the car. Once it is insured you can then tax the car. The car should not be parked on a public road without being taxed. This would include parking it outside your house.
As soon as you become the owner of the car you are responsible for taxing it (or declaring it off road, which you can’t do if it is parked on the road)
Registering and taxing the car can all be done online and is done in a couple of minutes.
Hope this makes sence


yep that’s pretty much exactly what I was going to suggest

Adding a named driver who is low risk, maybe your Mum, can reduce your premium
It also makes a difference what job title you give.
Sometimes the same job can have more than one description or title and that can make a difference.
Take a look at car insurance on Martins Money Tips.
Lots of useful advice on there.

Yeah, I already made use of that. I think I got about 20 pounds off for choosing something that still describes my role.

Anyways, my real issue was the start date for the insurance. I thought I’d have to accept the on-the-day price for it as I thought the quote price will change when you go to buy it on the same day as buying the car but I guess that’s not the case and the quote I have now for from a week earlier should hopefully remain the same.

We’re going to transfer ownership next week and I’ll buy my insurance on the quote I made yesterday and then tax it. It’s getting on the back of a truck the same day.

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