Given the choice, which model variant would you go for?

Just a general thread really…assuming you could have any variant of MX5, (ie Mk1,2,3,4), and assuming it would be done up to an as “new” standard which one would you go for?

We had a Mk1 for a few years and changed it for a Mk2 (.5) which we kept for 17 years, and now have a Mk4. I always used to prefer the looks of the Mk 1, but over the last few years my tastes have obviously changed and I actually prefer the looks of the Mk2 now. Never really got into the Mk3, and I do like the Mk4. I appreciate everybody has different tastes, but just interested in peoples thoughts.

For me it would probably be a Mk2.5 1.8.


I would say my preference is

1 - Mk2.5
2 - Mk4
3 - Mk1
4 - Mk3

That being said I have owned 3 x Mk2.5’s in the past, so I am maybe a bit biased, but I just think it is the best all round car in terms of looks and interior upgrade from even the Mk2. The Mk4 is also a great looking car, and again the interior looks to be a big upgrade from the previous model. I would like to think at some point I would own a Mk4 in the future.

MK4 all the way…

Enjoyed my 2.5 immensely, had a couple of MK3’s which were good, for the overall driving experience and the modern comforts then the 4 has it.

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Over the last 20 years I have had 12 MX5s and at least 2 of every MK (2 MK1s, 3 MK2s, 5 MK3,3.5, 3.75 and 2 MK4s). My last and current both MK4s a Recaro and current 2019 GT Sport Nav.

I often get asked which MK I preferred which is difficult as all different in there own ways. Loved the MK1s but now would not be too practical for everyday use. MK3s liked the Roadster/Coupe as had 4 of these and best was a Mk3.5 Kuro with BBR Super 200, BBR exhaust system and BBR suspension, which only sold as wanting a Recaro. I suppose my least favourite were the MK2s, but love my current GT Sport Nav with the 184bhp engine and is alot more practical now me and my partner are approaching 70. However as you say it is all up to the individual and what they want and their circumstances.



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MK2.5 - but then perhaps I am biased as it’s the only mark I’ve owned.  

Loved the MK.1 when it came out, a breath of fresh air, looked good, drove beautifully, but I needed a 4 seater so I never bought one.  The later models did nothing for me, in fact I probably never really ever “noticed” them.  Then the Mk.4 was previewed, again a breath of fresh air, looked great, didn’t need a 4 seater so pre-booked a 1.5l one.  Four years later did the same for a 30AE.   Booth great cars, but with different characters, just wish that they didn’t have to have that worrying “active bonnet” device.

So for me it has to be…my ND 1.5l SE-L Nav, the modern version of the Mk.1.

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…I think the same for me…

First choice ND RF 2ltr The Mk1 for the 21st century, and perhaps… the end of an era.

But thanks Mazda for smelling the coffee & getting it done.


JDM Mk1 RS (the real deal)

The rest?

Excellent in a raft of ways…but…hot buttons not pressed.

Some like red wine, some like white.


Out of the four MX5s I have owned my 2004 Mk2.5 “Arctic” 1.8 was my favourite by far. My 2007 Mk3 2.0 Sport the most disappointing.

Just went through the buying process. All models were within budget, but I chose a M3.75. The PRHT is the killer feature for me.

If I were given the choice (car as a free gift) I would…

Get the Mk4.

Sell it.

Use the money to restore my Mk1 to factory condition.

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Never driven a Mk 1 longer than 10 minutes so hard to judge.

Test drove a 1.5 Mk 4 for a long weekend and loved it.

Owned a 1998 Mk 2 as my first and loved it so much I upgraded to a 2005 Mk 2.5 … the love of my life!! And still in my possession.

Have now purchased a second car … a Mk 3.5 as a daily drive and like it almost as much as the Mk 2.5 

So order of love according to driving experience…

Mk 2.5

Mk 3.5

Mk 4

Mk 1

Ideally one of each would be nice!!! 

One of each!  

But my first love is the Mk1 - I was lucky enough to own one back in '91 - and I’ve subsequently had four.  Plus 3 NBs, and a (current) NC.
The NC gets used if I have a journey longer than 50 or 60 miles - or predominantly motorway.

Not (yet) driven an ND. Hated the angled/edges/origami/angry face looks when it first came out.  But it’s growing on me…

But for me, the Mk1 is always first choice for any other journey - an immediate connection straight back to the original purity of intent and design of the MX-5.


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I love my 2.0 ND1 but given the choice I would have an ND2 30AE. And an NA 1.6 Eunos.

I’ve only driven the one Mx5, i have a 2007 NC which i love, especially being a Z-Sport.

Mainly because it doesn’t have all the modern stuff our other car has like parking sensors, lane departure, cruise and auto braking   etc etc to me it feels like a drivers car and don’t know whether i would loose that feeling in the new model.

But saying that I’m a sucker for the looks of a 2.0 Soul red ND especially the Recaro edition.

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It depends what you use it for? For an everyday driver, you would have to go for the latest model for reliability/safety etc. But I can’t live with the back end of the ND, so I would have a 124 as it just looks more sexy.

My dream MX5 would be the super rare M2-1001, just perfect. More chance of winning the lottery than ever getting one though. 

Mk 1 all day long…History shows that in alot of cases,the MK1 of many cars are best and most sought after.

Beetles,Golfs,E Types,various other Jaguars,Capris,Escorts,

Minis,Cortina’s,etc.etc.etc.  Just my thoughts??

For me it has to be a Mk1.

I prefer the looks, liked them when they were new and now own a couple.

I’ve driven a couple of mk4’s but to be honest I can’t remember much about them. It was just a car.