Going on a diet

Finally decided to “make the car my own” so started to strip things and customise where I can. I’ve stopped listening to the radio/mp3 player in my NC for over a year now. Opting instead to listen to the sound of the engine and exhaust. First thing to go is the radio, saving 2.4kg in the process.
What can I use to fill in the big hole? After searching on MX5 Parts and eBay I found what I was looking for. After some 3D design and printing I finally fitted what I had originally envisioned.

Next is to take out all the redundant speakers.


I like what you’ve achieved there. I also wish somebody would make a decent (and fair priced) gauge pod for a MK3

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Neat and tidy looking installation. Well done.:+1:

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That’s really slick!
Doesn’t look homemade/ retro fitted it blends in really well…
Did you 3D Print it yourself? I do a bit of 3D design and printing myself…

Do you have speakers in the car seat head-rests perchance?
The ones in the MK-1 are a bit deteriorated now. Probably the original 1992 ones.

I was listening to something quite good the other day and cranked it up loud and the driver-side speaker cones have released themselves from the sides - they’ve deteriorated around the edges and now sound very flappy. I then checked the passenger side and the edges have actually been fixed with what seems silicone!

So if you have indeed got a spare set of headrest speakers going spare I’d be very interested!

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Does the job for me, can’t really complain for under £20. Takes up a single din hole

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I 3D printed the gauge holder and support for the hex screws. Wanted the “nuts & bolts” look.
This is a MK3 so no in seat speakers otherwise you’re more than welcome to them.

Talking about 3D printing… one of my other mods is to replace the handbrake lever handle with a sportier looking version from MX5 Parts. In the process of removing the lever release button I managed to mangled it. So decided to design and 3D print a new more sportier looking button! I’ll share photos here once it’s been painted up and installed.

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Very professional looking mod :+1:

I couldn’t take out my ICE though, my car is the only place I can listen to my choice of music!


BBB, thanks for the link man