Golden Girl, Sandra

Colin, what’s the secret to posting pictures on the forum successfully? You seem to have mastered the aspect ratio problem, demonstrated  by Neil. Spill the beans please


I’m using postimages as discussed by IanH in the first Forum section, Rules & FAQ.

Full details here,


Hi Peter,

It is down to how many pixels across; Neil posted 1250 pixels wide, and Colin 640 pixels wide. (Right-click to bring up browser tools menu and left click on Image Info to find out.) My screen is full HD 1920 pixels wide, but the forum software is happier if pictures are closer to 1200 or less. 

Therefore down-size the picture from the camera-native image before sending it to your hosting site, then it also doesn’t eat into your free allocation so quickly, and if you drop the quality a bit (in the photo editor) then the file size shrinks further and the picture travels a lot quicker.  Experiment!