good servicing gargage in hertfordshire?

Does anyone know a good servicing gargage in hertfordshire?

I have one I used to go for before i got my mazda, should i go there or a specialist?


Shameful not to have had any replies yet. It either reflects on the Club or Hertfordshire!

Probably most of us do our own servicing and go to a specialist as required.

My own model is a pain because it is the only one here I think. But, I did go to Mazda Letchworth to replace the brake fluid in the system and will go back again soon for the same job (now 2 years later). They are friendly and as good as any I guess.

The best specialist in the Country by my (and many others) opinion is Performance 5 in Uxbridge. Also you might try the North Thames Area guys/gals for more local advice. I am on the north Bedfordshire/Cambs. border in no-man’s land as far as MX5 Areas are concerned.

Good luck.





As already said Norton Way Mazda at Letchworth are good but my first choice is EMG at Cambridge. Well worth the trip but make sure that your car is serviced/worked on by Rob Marsh. A good discount is available too if you are a club member.

 shop around though jo, cos for a four year service i got three quotes  £320 = £240  = £173  all from mazda dealers, i will say that the  £320  one dropped down straight away to  £260  when i queried the price

to late by then,",trust had gone",i went independent, and got a good job done for  £140

 How do you “… make sure that your car is serviced/worked on by Rob Marsh.”?


By the way your car looks wicked!!!


You just  tell them when you book it in.