Goodbye to the icon and hello to the RF

Yesterday I picked up the new 1.5 Sport Nav + RF and left my treasured three year old MK4 Icon behind. Will miss the white little devil with it’s red chequered flash decal. We have enjoyed nearly 29.000 miles together.

Had I made a mistake I thought for a few seconds?

Gleaming in the sunlight and showing off all of it’s Black Mica sparkle…no way, what a beauty, welcome to the family!!!



3x MK 3 inc 1x Sport

1x Mk4 Icon

1x Mk 4 RF Sport nav +

Would be interested to hear how you get on with the RF compared to the soft top, (particularly the 1.5 RF).

I test drove a 1.5 RF and thought how good it was, (and love the looks) but decided I really wanted a “full” soft top.

However I am already thinking about an RF as a replacement, but not anytime soon as we have just had our ND…so maybe another 3 years.


Only into the first day’s of the RF arriving, but so far loving every minute. I was always a firm soft top man, going back to Midgets and Sprites, back in the day.

Guess the only difference between a 2019 1.5 Sport nav+ soft top and the equivalent RF is the rear design and the targa.  Then I think you are back to choosing the right colour for yourself.

I have never had a black vehicle before, but the black mica is stunning, in my opinion.

In honesty the deal swung it for me, pre-registered, low mileage, heavy discount on RRP and a reasonable px for the Icon after 3years.

Guess I was also willing to try something different, even at my age.

My philosophy is “don’t die wondering.”  Only time will tell!

In three years time you will probably be looking at a MK5.