Well in less than 10 hrs I will no longer b the owner of a beautiful Race green Mx5 Auto. NBFL wish his becoming an ever rare vehicle con UK roads.

I have swapped it for a mk1 Saab 93 turbo another car getting more and more rare.

I have enjoyed my time with the Mazda and the club. I have met nice people on my adventure. 

No I have a new chapter to that in my life. I have always wanted a Saab convertible and now I have one.

The car will be looked after. 

I loved the Mazda with all its faults but now I have a new challenge.

Thanks mx5oc 

Love Keith and my green dream machine  have fun keep house mk2.5 on the road 

Best of luck.Enjoy the Saab.Remember when buying Saab parts some are Vauxhall ie steering /suspension etc .Apparently,I am told by panel beater shop.Sab has Opel/Vauxhall floor pan ?? Check it out

Good luck with your new car. It won’t go round corners or squeeze into small spaces like your old MX5!. It is good to get a car you have always wanted and I hope it lives up to your expectations. If not there is always another MX5 Smile

Good luck with your new project, get the Saab out of your system and then return to an MX-5

Hmm, my 2002 (end of 9-3 mk1) with full leather interior went round corners like a bat out of hell !! With Abbott Racing Saab upgrades to suspension and uprated turbo it was a mean machine. Some parts are very expensive - from memory  2 front suspension struts - with springs and dampers £1400 plus - and difficult to get hold of. You pay as soon as you step out of “mainstream”. Loved that car however.!! Regards and good luck John Duggan.

Goodbye Mr. Jackie

Thanks everyone I will never forget my mx5, I saved from being crushed and I hope the next owner enjoys it.I certainly know the owner ofgarage that bought it could not wait to get behind the wheel and whilst I was handing over he went out for a play in the 5 and came back with a big smile on his face.
I will miss it, but I need a open top that I could still drive and 5 five was no longer an option for me. Saab is a very different car yes some scoff at the GM 2900 underpinnings but then as my father was a GM engineer I know what a good job Saab did with chassis I also know all about the huge arguments it caused between GM and Saab management. Saabs engineers focus on safety and not budget ultimately led to GM dumping Saab but walking away with all the latest chassis development. Saab chassis underpins all the current cadillac insignia Chevy large saloons.
Plus it means it still easy to get parts to keep the car running.
I hope one day to get back into mx5 . I like the current model, however I do think the fiat version look the prettiest out of the two designs.


Funnily enough, SWMBO & I were sat behind one of the last "Vauxhall/Opel/ GM derived SAABs the other day. I thought it was a fine looking car. I wonder…if one day we will see the SAAB badge on the back of another fine car. 

You sir…will be back in another 5 one day. We have seen all this before. You know you want to.