Goodwood track passes?

Hi all,

Do you know if we should have received our Goodwood track passes in our copies of HTST yet?

The last issue I got was Feb’s…





Looking on it says

Your member’s track pass will be in your April edition of Soft Top Hardtop magazine.


Passes are being packed with next edition as we speak.

Excellent. looking forward to it… thanks!

Has the April edition of STHT gone out yet to members? I have still not received mine.

Been planning to attend the Spring Rally as my first event as a new member and was looking forward to the parade lap especially.



Please email to check your magazine has been dispatched.

Hi. My son and I have bought (Fri 13 apr) our first MX5 and the seller gave me the Arpil magazine. Also we joined the MXOC last week and today (16th) received the april edition & inside was the cards etc along with a Goodwood Pass. Hope this helps.

Many thanks Steve n Rick.
The brilliant membership team are on the case and I should have a copy this week.

Good to hear!

Thanks to the excellent Membership team the replacement April STHT arrived yesterday and the all important Track Pass!

Goodwood here we come


Hi Folks,

Have had my MX 5 just over a week now and really pleased with it. Bought it to use on dry sunny days and will live in a garage. Also joined the club and received the mag and various bits including the track pass. 

I am intending to come to Goodwood but do not particularly want to do a parade lap, so would it be best to park in the main car park and not hinder those that do ?



Park with all the other owners in the club area, you wont get in the way. Have a good day.

If you do not want to do the Parade lap

Please do NOT display pass on arrival.

You wil be directed to the MX-5 parking off track.

Thanks guys, much appreciated