Greeting from the Cotswolds

Greetings all.
After being made (voluntarily) redundant from a stressful job and looking forward to winding down to retirement I’ve bought myself a very tidy 2006 MX-5 2.0 Sport. I had a couple of MGBs back in the day and was after something small, fast and with no roof and an MX-5 seemed to be the obvious choice.
My wife loves it too (as a passenger) which is always a bonus.

After over 2 decades of driving diesel estate company cars I’ve rediscovered THERE IS LIFE AFTER 4000 RPM :¬)

Looking to update the car audio in it and pretty sure of what I’ll need but I’ll be asking questions (in the appropriate forum).



Welcome to the MX5 family, happy motoring

Welcome you live in the right place for that car

If / when you see a grey NC1 in the Cotswolds with a number plate beginning MX5, it will be me!

I’ll keep a look out Darryl and give you a wave.
(Not quite the same doing that in a Ford Focus - Yer arm would drop off after a few miles #:¬)

I was around your way Sunday …Bidford on Avon onto Broadway tower…Down to Burton on the water. past Adams farm…to crazy there for me…onto A436 to Gloucester onto the A4632 to Toddington then onto Broadway back through saintsbury…Bidford and back home had roads to my self nice relaxed drive…

You’d have passed pretty close to me, Phil; I live in a village near where the A436 crosses the A40.
There really are some great roads out this way and it sounds like your route took you down a few of them.

If it was andoversford pass by it

Welcome to the fun👍

You’ve made the correct decisions re redundancy and buying the NC.:smile:

Took early retirement/redundancy 7 years ago. Luckily we were the proud owners of a Mk1, then on to a Mk2.
We used to take holidays in The Cotswolds so know some of it pretty well. Our favourite although busy busy at times Bourton and Broadway. In particular we stayed at Broadway, a caravan site. Owned a tourer, that was sold and the MX-5 was purchased :+1:
We came down to Hidcote around 3 weeks ago via Broadway and back to Derbyshire via Stratford. Took a wrong turn somewhere and had to drive around 10 miles further than needed. It was the best 10 miles of road we need not have driven down, bet I can’t find it again if I tried.:grin:

Thanks for all the warm welcomes guys.

Phil, close - It’s Shipton Oliffe, signposted off the Bourton road (A436) or just down from the Frogmill crossroads.

I’m on gardening leave until I officially leave on Thursday but still working a bit; tidying up loose ends.
Had to use the company Focus estate as I needed to cart a load of kit around, but as soon as I got home I went for a swift tour through Bourton-on-the-water and the Rissingtons in the MX-5; Just because they were there :smile: Annoyingly busy roads today though for some reason.


The roads around here seem to be busier than ever. We drove to Bourton a few days ago but could not find anywhere to stop (apart from the pay and display and I’m alergic to paying for parking). Finished up getting the last space in Lower Slaughter.
Off to the Peak District next week to escape the crowds!

I might be passing through your way on Monday. If you see a Grey ND 2016, give me a wave


Mx-5 is a very good choice :+1:

After purchasing different cars, I always return to the MX-5.
it’s fun to drive and reliable :smiley:

I’ll keep an eye out for you, CoolCatz.
Love the red edgings.

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I arrived the village Round 1pm. One lady smiled at me as I was trying to sort my directions out on Google maps :sweat_smile:

this pic is just before your village


Hi CC.
Yeah, sorry I missed you. We had an unexpected visit from one of my sons and his girlfriend early on Monday and went out for the day. If you’d looked to the right shortly after the church, you might have seen Zippy with his nose pointing out towards the road.

BTW, the A436 between the A40 at Andoversford crossroads and Bourton-on-the-water is a great road for driving if you’re ever down this way again.

Hope you had / are having a great time in Dorset.

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Nice looking car, nice colour

Hi and welcome, good thing to do and a good time in life to do it. My good lady wife and I are doing a road trip in the Cotswolds early November and the guys on here have been very generous with advice on places to visit and roads to drive, great cars and great people on here! Have fun kind regards Dave.

One of these days mine will be roadworthy again - currently lurking in Broadwell between Burford & Lechlade.
A mere springs all round replacement, clutch bleeding and new battery, then it’ll be an mot frenzy!

I live just down the road in Lechlade and cycle through Broadwell pretty regularly.
Hope your resto and MOT go well