Greetings from Shropshire

Hello everyone!

I’ve been a member for a few months now while searching for my future MX5 as a weekend car to enjoy with my son and farther. Came across this Eternal Blue ND2 Sport Tech 2.0 RF which we collected yesterday and even managed to have the roof open for most of the return journey! The previous owner’s daughter let me know the car’s name is Sky, and was very insistent I keep the name, so I guess that’s settled!

Car has covered 25k miles and still has the original Bridgestones on (bar one due to a recent puncture). Plans for the car at this stage are to get some decent rubber on there, perhaps reduce the body roll and arch gap with a set of Eibach Springs, improve the stance and with some 15/ 20mm hub spacers and bring the exhaust to life with a Cobalt back-box.

After some research the Michelin PS5 in 215/45/17 seems like a solid choice for the 7j rim with no adverse effects like rubbing. Wondering if anyone is running this tire on the standard rim with lowering springs and spacers, notice any rubbing?

Looking forward to getting to know the car and fellow enthusiasts!