GTNIGHTS - Playstation 4 - Gran Turismo

 After quite some time away (and not owning a PS4 until recently) i’m hoping to bring back the GTNIGHTS MX-5 online racing I used to run a good few years ago.

Anyone who used to take part back on the PS3 knows that this was a great deal of fun and there were plenty of races that went down to the wire.

I’m new to the PS4 and the latest Gran Turismo Sport game, but i’m in the process of sorting out the group and looking into setting up new regs etc.
There is a new Facebook group (GTNIGHTS) and of course there’ll be this post on here where everyone can chat, share info and pictures.

I’m loving the ability now to be able to create your own livery, so it’d be interesting if anyone has an MX5 set-up already that they’d like to show us either on Facebook or on here.
There is an ‘official’ GTNIGHTS Logo that i’m hoping I can share so that you can add it to your liveries.

I’d be interested thanks