Guide to a cam belt change?

Ok, so I’ve done a search of both this new forum and the old, has anyone got a link to a guide to changing the cam belt on a mk1?

 If not where can I get the info to do it? Haynes?



 Try “Car Mechanics” magazine, October 2008.

You should find everything you need here:- Good Luck

 I have just ordered a service manual from e-bay for about £10. This is a CD version. Might be worth a try.

 I bought a book from Halfords and it’s exellent.

Do it up Mazda MX5 on a budget written by Haynes. It gives a great description of how to do many jobs with good colour pictures. I changed my cambelt using it in about 4 hours.

Good luck, just be systamatic and you’ll be fine. Tip of the day is too change your water pump at the same time, cos if you get as far as the cambelt then you only have to remove the pump so it makes sense.