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"But after putting out two and a half stock trolleys of toilet paper out they removed the metal barricades, with the aisle quickly flooding with customers to grab them.

Toilet paper is currently limited to two per person in Sainsbury’s, but that did not stop customers grabbing the large multi-packs while they could.

One bemused shopper said: “It’s all a bit mad really — they shouldn’t have to do this for toilet roll.

“I can’t believe it’s got as bad as this — I only needed one pack because I was running out."

Before this gets taken down as inappropriate or offensive since after all no one is really a selfish wannabe or wannalot.
One question, how did we clean ourselves prior to Kleenex, etc, and all the PR gurus?

Just a thought

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For q long while, we didn’t clean ourselves. Prior to about AD600, we, if we were wealthy enough, shared a xylospongium; a sponge on a stick, whch was shared at the open latrine with your neighbour, exacerbating cross-infection.

Large smooth leaves would do it, and they’re bio degradable , or dormice , don’t fancy the communal brown sponge on a stick.
Newspapers etc will clog the system , so its a case of using your imagination I suppose.

Cut down on brown rice, wholemeal bread and shredded wheat, and instead eat white bread and cornflakes (quick setting concrete flakes). This will clog the human system, but only requires minimal t-paper.

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The downside of this is and all that subsequent straining will lead to an outbreak of Farmer Giles and people bulk buying preparation H , hemorrhoid cream.

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