Halford voucher

FAO Admin team,

I have been attempting to download the Halfords voucher for 2020 but the one which comes up under this heading has already expired, am I doing something wrong or is this a site error ?

yes, you’re trying to download the out of date one and not the new one which has been there for a couple of weeks. Go and have another look now please… 

If you ‘log on’ and open the folder ‘MX-5 owners club members benefits discounts’ it’s there under the heading 'Halfords discount 2019-2020. 

I’ve just had a quick look for this Halfords voucher. Went to Downloads section- Members benefits- only thing there is halfords 2020 voucher. Valid until 07.09.19. So out of date.

ah OK, well try the member benefits forum, rather than the downloads section, I’ll go look but sounds like its in more than one place!!  

no wonder we’re all confused!


please check for me, its now gone from downloads but uptodate in benefits forum ?