Hard Top Weather Seals

 Hi, Stupid question I am sure BUT Can anyone give advise on fitting new door weatherseals onto my now resprayed H/Top. When I bought the H/Top no seals were fitted so I bought some from MX5Spares. The H/Top has screw holes but nothing to clip seals to so that they don’t flop down. I was going to use a contact adhesive to hold them in place but I thought I would ask you knowledgeable people first!

Thanks for any advise


Not a stupid question John

 Sounds like you are missing the s/steel clip frames that the seals sit in/on and screws,they should still be available from a mazda dealer.

 Hi Wayne, thanks for the reply. I will give them a call.


Hi again, tried Mazda dealer, £37.00 a side but no stock. They are on back order from Japan 6-8 weeks delivery. Mazmania to the rescue!


 Hi, all done now complete with resprayed H/Top looks good. FYI used stainless steel channels from a soft top (in 3 sections). Just needed to add a few fixing holes as they did not line up with those for the correct channel. Phoned Mazmania who supplied some 2nd hand ones (good as new) usual fast service and advise. Out of interest I had the H/top sprayed by Charlie Merret who is the guy seen on the TV on Camper Van Crisis and Beetle Crisis. Good job and a great character! The standard of work is good and considering the premises he works in is incredible.