Have I finally cracked posting images ?

Here is our RF, just had first service,  Jan 2017 car with a Jan 2016 gearbox,   just waiting for the bang !. does look a bit different now, has smoked side indicators, red & orange side markers plus a couple of other enhancements,  since 2007 from the NA, then through NB to NC, this is the best.  

I was so close to buying the RF they look so good



I have a N.D Cabriolet which i think is better than the R.F genuine wind in your hair,never cold even on a chilly day with heater on,more of a true sports car,that is my opinion very happy with mine,purchased sept 2015 having now done 17000 miles no problems at all,other than silly lady backing into me why having cup of coffee in the house opps her drive ,very wide road just backed straight across,being mended back on monday,car so comfortable even on long dostances,last year went to do scottish 500 first day drove to north of inverness over 640 mileds,still completely fresh could have gone farther,an amazing true great car and gen topless sports car.But thank goodness we are still a free country and everyone can buy and do within reason what they like as they say horses for courses.

All best Simon


P.S Another trip planned this year open to any crazy person to join me,no advance booking outer hebrides etc.

Nice car 

dont like the shiney grill but were all different .

I’m on my second ND cab, switch to the 2.0 from the 1.5 because I wanted more oomph in 6th on the motorway, found I had to change down to overtake in the 1.5  Also ditched the ‘always’ dirty white back to the soul red which I liked on my 25th Anni NC.   Priced up an RF and was close to buying, but like you prefer the full roof down experience.

Love the colour…

Thanks all, plan is to now carbon fibre wrap the centre roof panel, seems is an option in Japan, just to break up the “greyness”.


Really great looking car,
How did you post the image?