Have you seen the state of my knob?

Want to see something sad? This is my knob :sob::rofl: in the ND. And also the handbrake grip coating has worn off the top and the end looks like I’ve chewed it (why didn’t Mazda wrap the grip around the end?)!

Suggestions for refurbs or aftermarket replacements (nothing solid metal); OEM is £80 expensive ■■■■ as the coating has worn off within 60,000 miles, and the gaiter split within the warranty period!

Gear knob is M10 x 1.25 fine metric thread (so Mk3 stuff fits too). I guess the handbrake grip and end would be specific to the ND? Would be nice to get an OEM+ look.


Blimey! Maybe you should stop changing gears with your teeth :wink:

I can recommend J-F Customs (eBay) for nice set of leather gaiters and handbrake cover with your choice of stitching.

I have an all metal knob but in my last car had a nice part-leather Momo. If you look around you can get them a bit cheaper.


Think outside the box mate. The world is your oyster. :rofl:


You’ve been chewing at it for the equivalent of no less than twice around Earth’s girth.

116 123.

In truth, these days in cockpit longevity & quality control I don’t think that’s too awful.
Would not happen in a Mk2.5 though.


The J-F Customs (eBay) tip-off is very handy for gaiters and they look nice, sadly they don’t do knobs. For the benefit of others in the same situation a quick trawl of the interwebs has bought up the following knobs:

Nobody seems to do the handbrake grip and I’m not even sure how to remove it. Wondering if I can use a leather coating product instead to touch up such as https://thescratchdoctor.co.uk/product/leather-finish-satin/

The OEM knob weighs 308g, 73mm tall, 50mm knob diameter, 30mm base diameter and it fits onto a 43mm tall shaft with 20mm of M10 x1.25 metric fine thread

If you want to spend your hard earned money mate there’s plenty of places to do so…

Can get leather gaiters/boots from J-F customs, it’s the grip (i.e. the bit you put your hand around) that I can’t seem to source. I was looking at Guardian for replacing the crappy leather on the steering wheel but my pockets are not quite that deep!

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Not used them but this company refurbish steering wheels, gear knobs and gaiters too.

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another option…


J-F Customs do the handbrake cover matching the gaiters. There is a video on YouTube somewhere with someone removing it…

Yep…with Scottish Fiver on this :+1:

“Wouldn’t Happen to an NB 2.5”

Mine just about to clock 46,000 and the only loose stitching I’ve got is on the passenger seat [yay for Gaffer Tape] which I’ve put down to my late ‘navigator’ [a very hairy and regularly wet Cocker Spaniel who could hardly contain himself en route to local park and would sulk if I drove in different direction]

It does surprise me the amount of new posts citing issues with the NC…so glad got one of the last NBs

On the other hand…with a more ‘mature’ MX5 you just expect issues as part and parcel of the love… :smiling_face_with_three_hearts: :rofl:

I’ve got a lovely green fungus look on my auto but to be fair if I have my yellow hi vis coat on think I can carry it off

Have you considered one off a RX8.

I have just put one on my mk3 and it feels better than the original. And looks better to me.

It is a little heavier but the the shape is different with more mass lower down.

Feels a little more direct and a better grip for your hand. I have big hands and the original seems too big.

Only thing is the R is bottom right.

But I intend to refurb it and probably have no gate symbol on the top.

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‘Two Tone Green & Yellow’…Is that an MX5 New Colour ?
Or Like My Old Mark IV Spitfire [RIP] :cry:
'‘Two Tone Rust & Yellow’ ? :rofl:

Apology to ckyliu…Knob Problems in an ND at only 60,000
Feel Your Annoyance ! :rage:

Phew…again…so glad I’ve got an NB…She’s simple by comparison to later models [like her owner] :rofl:

Horses for Courses :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:

At least with later models owners don’t really need to carry a bucket to collect the bits that rusted off the car… :yum:

(Sorry :joy:)


Perhaps Some Respect is Due ?


Bullit Doesn’t Know She’s Dying

And Indeed She Ain’t Dead

Until Her Specialist Carer Tells Me She Is :stuck_out_tongue:


I disagree my mk1 still carrying the scares of spot welds of manufacturing

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I guess I touched upon a painful subject… :joy: that eventually we all going to have to face with at some point…

(but the rust bucket with NA and NB’s is fuller to mine :rofl: )

:thinking: Hmmm ?

Have You Checked Out the 2005 Icon Rocketeer Project ?

Yea and I have seen a silver one at mx5 restorer with the jag v6 engine. They are cool, and sound great but my jaw dropped when I figured out how much it costs to make that conversion…

(my answer was more of a tongue and cheek :rofl: )