Headlight Bulbs

Hi all

I’ve been away for a while, but now I’m back with a question.

I have a 2008 1.8 NC and I’m not sure what bulbs I have in the front, both heads and sides.

Can anyone help please?

Dipped beam - H7 12v 55w

Full beam - H9 12v 65w

Side - 501 12v 5w.  


This is why i get confused, i have been told my 2009 mk3.5 needs 2 sets of H7’s for it, but then i get told i need 1x of H7’s and H9’s 





H7 and H9 are the ones listed in my handbook for a 2006 Mk3 and I know they’re correct as I’ve just replaced them. This isn’t to say they’re the same for the Mk 3.5. What does your handbook show them as ?  

Aww that means going out in the cold and un tuck my car from its winter cover lol… will be back in a minute 


The manual gives a 3rd option it shows a HB3!



HB3  look very much the same as an HB9, Not sure but I think the difference is in the diameter of the bayonet fitting.  Hopefully someone with a 3.5 will be along to help you soon. 


With more and more options appearing i think i will have to start examining closer.

The manual states HB3 and H7, Having looked on the headlight itself this is indeed correct so glad i didnt buy the set as per the 3 websites i used as all 3 were wrong. I can take a photo of the manual to help anyone who wants to see the full listing?