Heavy power steering

Thank you for your suggestion, I will indeed check at the weekend prior to removal of the rack

Hope you get to the bottom of this issue without too much expense it seems to be a strange fault you have.
On my car if the engine is running at idle and I turn the steering wheel even slightly the revs increase just a little bit to help with the steering effort, I believe this is controlled by the switch on top of the pump, have you tried / checked this or even disconnect it to see if it makes any difference?
I remember many years ago mk1 mondeos used to have a problem with the wires breaking going into this switch and it would make steering slightly heavier.

Hi Andrew5, thanks for your suggestions. I have checked the switch and it is okay as the engine revs do pick up. - strange fault indeed

Hi again,
You have been thorough in trying to get to bottoms of this, I would get it wheels in air disconnect track rod ends and check operation of steering rack and each wheel hub separately.
The fact that it has gradually got heavier with no leaks could be something like a seized ball joint, also check for broken springs and top bearing in front shock.

Strange one indeed.

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I’ll add, when you have the track rod ends disconnected and your checking each wheel hub to see if it turns ok jack up the hub so that there is some load so components so that they are in there normal driving position.

Had a Mazda 2 here once with a bad rattle from front end which we couldn’t find but when put some load on the wheel hub and spring compressed was then able to see that top bearing had broken up causing some free play.

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On RX-8, the lower steering column universal joint would seize up causing heavy steering. The NC has a different rack to the RX-8 but I’d imagine the universal joint is in about the same place being exposed the same amount.

Hi. I have sprayed the UJ with a generous amount of wd40 - this didn’t change anything
However On another point I have noticed that when I turn the steering a small amount the revs do not alter. I disconnected the wire the the PS pump sensor and it was the same. I have changed the switch and again no different- all options the engine revs did not increase
Thanks again

With car stationary if you hold the revs at around 2000 is there any difference in steering effort?

At idle on full lock can you hear any difference from the pump straining?

I have just got home and can report the following -
At 2000 rpm there is no difference in the effort needed to turn the wheel when compared to at tick over.
The car ticks over after a few seconds of starting from cold at 900 rpm, when I turn the wheel (In either direction) it drops to 750 and when in full lock you can hear the pump straining
The engine speed does not increase, I have disconnected the wire going to the pressure switch on the PS pump, this does not make any difference. I have also changed the switch - no difference.
I do have some power assistance but not as much as a while ago plus the steering wheel doesn’t seam to want to self centre
Thanks to all Ian

What could be causing the revs not to pick up from tick over. The pump and switch have been replaced and the electrical connection to the switch is okay

I’m petty sure the function of the switch isn’t to tell the PCM to raise the engine revs but to tell the PCM that there is load from the PAS pump so it can switch off other loads like the A/C compressor.

WD40 8s a great water dispersant but not a great lubricant, as I believe it is wax rather than oil based.
Try engine oil or spray grease if you want to lubricate

Hi 999to5

I initially used WD40 as a penetrating fluid, i then used spray grease whilst my wife turned the steering left and right - this made no difference

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