Hello all from Blyth, Northumberland

Hi Im Patrick and Im delighted to say Ive got the bug once more , having owned a NB way back in 2008 Ive recently(Oct 20) purchaced an 2006 NC1 2ltr 5 speed.
So winter days spent as follows… picked her up from Ilkston,Derby, drove the 200 miles home with a huge grin on my face, parked her up in my garage on top of axle stands.
Spent the next two weeks under her with powered wire brush, buffer and a bit of elbow grease cleaning chassis, suspension components, subframe etc etc.She had a decent underseal applied four years back according to history but had cracked, chipped in places so needed sorting.
I then gave all prepped components three coats of Buzzweld rust encapsulator followed by three coats of W.A.R and finally three coats of underseal.
Sill to rear inner arch… found a rust hole eitherside the size of golfball…cut out, inner sills inspected and in good nick and pressure sprayed with Aquasteel then a new zinc coated plate welded in place and treated as above.
Small rust blebs on rear arches buffed away to clean metal, treated with aquasteel and rust encapsulator, prepped primed and ready to spray.
Boot floor buffed down, aquasteel applied to few minor rust blebs, primed then sprayed black.
Engine oil, diff and gearbox oil changed, new style dip stick purchased for easier reading.
Plastic air intake pipe replaced with silicon hose, aluminium pipework with maf sensor fitted leading to pipercross cone filter which Ive housed in the front half of stock box I slightly modified for fitment. Rear of box will be fabricated from aluminium in coming weeks.
Boot fully sound proofed with closed cell foam, interior removed, carpets out ( no water behind seats thank god) plastics behind seats removed then all areas soundproofed.
Inner door steel plates removed to allow full access to fully soundproof doors.
Purchased a boot lid and fitted ducktail spoiler (original lid has luggage rack fitted)
I then filled boot lid voids and spoiler with expandable foam filler hopefully this may help dampen down vibration / noise ? time will tell.
Dummy fog light mouldings removed and modified to accept anodised Kawasaki zx6r throttle body stacks I had lying around, 3" ducting fitted to rear of these, hole cut in inner arch plastics and fed into arch… ok its not perfect brake cooling but its something flowing in there.
Cobra race type back box for the zoom zoom boom boom lol.
Replaced door locator rubber bushes with solid units.
New head unit and speakers ordered, Porsche gt3 radiator grille vent ordered which I may or may not fit in bonnet for cooling…will decide when I take delivery.
Few in progress pics attached (I hope)
So thats it so far, hope I havent bored you all with my introduction.

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Hi and welcome !

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Hi Patrick. going to do similar rust prevention and repair work on my NA. So very interested in the materials you are using. I am also a newbee. just posted a few photos of the work I am doing. Your posts certainly not boring. Its very informative, looking forward to seeing more. Allen

For prep I used various sized wire wheels powered by my pistol drill or dremmel.
I also used a 4" “Blaze Rapid” ceremic coated buffer disc, be careful with these bad boys as they are very abrasive but very effective for stripping back rust and flaked areas.
Rust products were from a company called “Buzzweld” youll find them via Google, they also have company videos on You Tube showing their work.
I chose to use the aerosol versions which were 400ml cans / heavely loaded with great spray pattern and come with spare nozzles.
Product names were “Rust encapsulator” (orange finish and applied first) and “W.A.R”(black finish)
I also used a product called “Aquasteel” which is a rust stabiliser and chemically converts to a tough surface. This was used mainly on my chassis and then oversprayed with the Buzzweld products.
“Rust encapsulator” first then oversprayed with “W.A.R” for extra protection.
Finally I used “MOTIP stone / chip protector”
The application of all products was very easy, no waste from cans as they sprayed superbly until completely empty.
Aquasteel is around £25 a litre and goes a long long way as it is a liquid looking similar to milk which you brush on
I managed to spray cavities with Aquasteel having put the product into a basic garden pressure spray unit usually used for spraying weed killer.
The Buzzweld products were around £14 per tin.
In total I may have spent around £100
The correct way of using the Aquasteel is to leave a small amount of rust present to convert or it will simply just dry on clean steel and achieve nothing, great for cavities or difficult access areas.
Pictures are chassis brace prepped with “Blaze Rapid” disc then sprayed with the Buzzweld products. This should give idea of finish.

Hope this helps

By the way where did you post your pictures ? Id like a peek at them

Welcome Patrick.
When I buy a new car I wash it - your detailed approach to new ownership sounds much better! :laughing:

Thanks … and yeh idle hands an all :sweat_smile:
Bit worried about turning up for my first meet and being shunned for a manky undercarriage :joy:

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Hi Patrick, thanks for the detailed material list, I will be using them. I posted in welcome area under “new member old car”. keep in touch Allen

no probs and yeh i found them , very nice