Hello - finally joined the MX5 family / NC mk3.5 BBR 200 (Cambridgeshire)

Hey all!

Very happy to finally be part of this group. In the last year or two I bounced around from a Lotus Elise 111R, C5 Corvette, Mercedes E55, Porsche Boxster S (986), and have to say this really feels the best of them all.

The Lotus 111R was amazing, but not as comfortable, and I always felt I needed to treat it with kids gloves.
The Corvette was just loud and fun to look at. Not that fast, handled like you’d expect it to
The Mercedes E55 was magnificent. I plan to get another. But did not satisfy my need to carve turns
The Boxster S was ok. Interesting. Quick enough, but that 986 engine I always worried when that bearing would go out.

With this MX5, I feel as though I have it all. I have a quick car, its fun, its convertible, and its RELIABLE.

I bought one with the BBR 200 kit and some other upgrades which gets it around 215bhp, it has Koni shocks, sway bars, ebc brake kit - I just love this thing to pieces.

I am American and leaving back to the US in about 6 months, so I won’t have it long (Ill have it up for sale at the end of summer). Until then, I plan to enjoy it.

Hope to learn a lot from you guys… I’m excited. Cheers


Welcome! :slight_smile: A very nice car you have there and a useful power increase over the standard car. I hope you can use it whilst you are here given current conditions. Enjoy !

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Hello and welcome… Hope you can enjoy it as much as possible whilst in the UK…! :slight_smile:

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Thanks guys. Oh yeah, its going to be a semi-daily driver split 50/50 with my Honda. So far its fantastic. Actually reminds me of the Lotus, at 1/3 of the cost and more comfortable.

Hi and Welcome!
Stunning car with some very nice mods. I’d love to get mine to a similar spec as yours in time! I always wanted a dark blue, but looked for months locally but couldn’t find one that was in as good condition that I wanted. Yours looks pretty immaculate.

I’ve been hanging around and have learned a tonne from the folks on this forum over the last couple years. There are many very helpful folks on here that are professionals/experts or otherwise have great knowledge!

Hopefully the next 6 months give you plenty of opportunities to enjoy the 5. There are some stunning driving roads/routes here in the UK!


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Hi and welcome,
Lovely car, having come from 911’s and Boxster’s I must say I agree, the MX5 has and still does give me the most smiles per mile.

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Welcome to the family from a fellow NC owner.

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