Hello from a new NC owner in Hampshire

Hi everyone

I bought my first MX5 nearly 2 months ago and really enjoyed the driving experience. It’s an NC 3.5 PHRT 2.0 Powershift.

I’ve fitted new tyres, had the alignment sorted, underseal applied and engine and LSD oil changed, along with a few smaller changes made. Still have a couple of service jobs to do (coolant and thermostat change).

I’m looking forward to using the car all year round.




Welcome Clive.

New owner in Hampshire here too. Only had the car a few weeks, loving it but sadly going to have to wait a week or so to get it it back as some plum drove into it!

What a bummer !!

I guess it’s only metal…no one hurt. Driving the Astra loan car is not quite the same😊

welcome Clive,
Nice to hear about your newish purchase, here in the solent region like the rest of the club regions no events to show off your car, just enjoy a safe outing when you can…

Thanks everyone and sorry to hear about your accident Joe.

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Go away. Hampshire is full and we don’t need any more MX-5s here - especially not Mk3.5 PRHTs.

(Only joking. Welcome, and a suggestion that it well worth joining the OC as the Solent region is very active and has lots of good activities).

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Hi Forty45 & JoeB1,

Pleased to hear you both have recently acquired MX5’s. Once things open up again ref drives and events it will be good to meet you both and your fives.

Keep and eye on the Solent Area FaceBook Page and Forum for updates but it is only fair to say things are looking pretty bleak at the moment and we may even have to cancel the Christmas meal but I am holding off until the end of October on that one :roll_eyes:


Solent Area AC

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