Hello from a North Worcestershire Mk1 fixer upper

Hey everyone.
Just grabbed a Mk1 Roadster from FB Market, and I’m hoping I can restore it to its former glory.
It’s been tinkered with a bit, and from what I have deduced so far…
1.6 with LSD
HKS Super Drager exhaust system.
Wheels from a limited edition MX-5/Roadster - possibly a VR (which I don’t believe this is)
It has a button for air con, and goes clunk when you press it, but the pipes have been removed.
Has PAS and electric windows.
It hasn’t had any welding, but for sure there’s some surface rust, although no holes I’ve found (yet!) I imagine a full respray is in order at some point.
I don’t mind saying I paid £1000 for it, I’ve always had a soft spot for them and figured why not!

That’s about all I know.
It runs and drives, but needs all it’s tickets before it’s legal.

Any comments, positive or negative very welcome!


Hello and welcome from Nottinghamshire… Well done for saving another NA…! That should keep you busy for a while, but you’ll get any help and advise you need on here, and it’s a friendly owners club with a bit of banter now and then… My ownership is at the other end of the spectrum - an MX5-ND2 2Litre… My day of fixing 'em up have long passed…! :joy:


Thanks for the warm welcome Rob!
I’m lucky that my daughter is a mechanic - she’s been at Ford Fair today, she is quite excited to have a project car kicking around too, should keep the labour costs down at least!
Looking forward to getting it road ready and maybe even showing up at a meet in future.



Hi Chris and welcome aboard.
That looks to be quite the bargain especially with the ability to do much of the mechanical work for mate’s (daughter’s) rates.
The car is a Eunos which was originally for the Japanese home market.
From what I can gather, Eunos was sort of Mazda’s equivalent of Toyota’s Lexus or Honda’s Acura brands which is why your car has higher spec than many UK home market cars.
The MK1 (NA) cars are the ones that are potentially increasing in value now so getting this one for £1K seems a very good deal. You shouldn’t be out of pocket any time soon and that’s for sure.
Perhaps you’d consider keeping us all in the loop with your progress as you re-commission your little roadster?
Good luck with the work.

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Thanks Guy,
Yeah I’m hoping I might have a future classic on my hands, but just having some fun is worth it for the time being!
I’ll certainly keep you posted, and you’ll probably see me asking for help too!

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Not VR Limited wheels. VR limited wheels had a doglegged spoke design


Note, not unique to the VR Limited anyhow; the same design was used in many markets with very late model NAs.

Not sure if someone has wrapped a standard manifold, or if its got an aftermarket header. Either way, I would get the wrapping off. Exhaust wrap can cause the headers to burn through. Race cars don’t care about this; they’ll just fit another header. The HKS filter element needs fairly frequent replacement (10-20k kms). Replacements can be had, but be careful of counterfeits out there. The intake should be supported by a bracket that is held in place by one of the jubilee clips, not zip tied to the cross brace. One of the heater hoses has been replaced with a blue silicone one. Rad looks like pattern replacement.

Looks like a good find.

I see 8mm Magnacor ignition leads.

I was about to say “you know your wheels” - then realised your a mod, so of course you do! :joy:

Genuinely thank you for taking the time to give me those points, I’ll get onto sorting them.

So if they aren’t VR wheels, any idea where they came from? I’m guessing early if they have the old logo on? Are they just an early option of wheel?

The chap I bought it off thought they were off an rx7, but I can’t find anything that would match there.


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They’re off a Mazda MX3. And probably newer than the car, circa 1995-97.


You’re good at this.
Thank you!

Not really, Google “Search by Image” is though. Just drag and drop any image.

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Well as someone who works in IT and didn’t think of using reverse image search myself, I’m now embarrassed, and you don’t look as clever.

Should have left it, you could have been a hero.


Hi , I got it’s cousin with the same yuk colour roof , but very little added rust :grimacing:

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Lovely machine!
Looks very clean indeed!

Cheers , like yours it was a cheapy on gumtree owner was struggling to sell it cos mot tester had put an advisory on saying underside corroded, rust removed with vactan and a coating of lanogaurd sorted it . Got to replace the tan hood though hopefully with a red un