Hello from Alan & Angie, new members

Hello everyone, our 1st MX5 (09 2l sport tech) and enjoying in this fine weather. Finding our way around the site, happy motoring.


Hello and welcome from Nottinghamshire… Proper MX-5 weather here at last… Enjoy :slight_smile:

Welcome and enjoy the weather!! :sunglasses:

Welcome to the club. Enjoy the “topless” motoring.

Hello and welcome from Sunny Scotland… but you do need to explain your username… my Latin is kind of rusty…

Welcome Alan and Angie, we are in the Solent Region enjoy your 5.
regards John & Patricia

High and welcome to MX5 ownership !

Welcome from another Solent Regioner, my daughter has ‘borrowed’ mine today …

Welcome from Solent Area AC’s ( Mal &Terry), we would also like to extend on offer to you, in that if you are ever down on the South Coast, you would be most welcome to joint one of our drives or events.

Our programme is on the Solent Area of the forum to view and feel free to message us if you have any questions.

Welcome to the club.
MX-5’s are also enjoyable on winter days (and nights), as long as there is no snow on the road.

Many thanks, a lovely welcome and reciprocated if you should be any where near Anglesey, best wishes, Alan & Angie

Thanks for the welcome, yes some lovely winters drives on Anglesey and nearby Snowdonia, best wishes Alan & Angie

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Good morning Grumpybadger, appropriate name if someone borrowed borrowed ours, best wishes Alan & Angie

Thank you, enjoying it very much, best wishes Alan & Angie

Hi John and Patricia, thanks for the welcome, best wishes and a big Croeso from Anglesey, A&A.

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Hi, thanks for the welcome. User names and passwords a never ending dilemma. Anglesey is a typical island community and your reputation is everything. Dictum meum pactum translates as ‘my word is my bond’ (I nicked it from the the London Stock Exchange) and is something that has stood me in good stead, being a Cockney by birth and lived among the Welsh for many years. Are you a Trucker? the modern name for a lorry driver, if so we have something in common. Although retired I still do a bit of driving part time (my other vehicle is a Volvo 500 Globetrotter). Angie is from Stoke, but that’s another story. Best wishes from sunny, but often windy Anglesey, Alan & Angie.

Thanks for the welcome, yes enjoying going ‘topless’. Angie looks like Penelope Pitstop and I have an arm ache from stopping my wig from blowing away. best wishes Alan & Angie

Thanks for the welcome, mixed weather at the moment, best is to come no doubt. Best wishes Alan & Angie

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hi Rob, enjoying already, thanks for the welcome, best wishes Alan & Angie

Yes, my username relates to days gone by when I was a race transporter driver, in the paddock we were known as ‘Truckies’, and being of Scottish persuasion the name stuck. 30 years later, I haven’t driven a wagon in a long time. Many a time I have thought about getting a medical and my licence back and getting a long distance job. Used to love Spain… but I am aware of the ‘rose tinted specs affect’.