Hello from Draycott Somerset

Hello I’m Ollie and i am from Draycott in Somerset. I have owned a 1.8 NB and currently own a 1.8 MK1 that I have had for 5 years plus, loosing track now a days.

My MK1 has upgraded arbs and drop links, “coilovers”, KAAS 1.5 way LSD, Kenauto rear stabilizer bar, chassis rails, strut brace and wing braces, Polly engine mounts the list is endless.

I am currently starting to respray the 5 and tidy up a few bits that are annoying me. As I can’t ignore it any longer as I work in a body shop the though of additional work makes me itch but hopefully when lockdown ends again IL have a nice looking 5 to show off.

Anyway I’m in the western area, Dad lives in the Isle of Mann so pre covid do go over quite abit and down to Devon to my brother’s.

Hi and welcome to the forum…

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