Hello from Hampshire - soon to be ND owner

Hello all, have just secured a 2016 ND 2.0 Sport Nav in Soul Red. Really looking forward to picking it up in a couple of weeks - having CarPlay installed and a new soft top as there was a bit of wear from the o/s roll hoop - very useful intel I’d found when looking on here.

Like most I’ve had a tough 2020, so this is my way of injecting a little fun back into life. Just one test drive in a 1.5 convinced me and after a handful of miles in a 2.0 I was plotting a return to track days…

I’ve ummed and ah-ed about getting an NA or NB for years as a second car but when the chance came chop in the daily driver for an ND it was too good to resist.

Any ND essentials I should be looking at? It’ll be living outside for a least the next few (winter) months, so is a soft-top cover a good idea and any to recommend? And do these cars suffer from stone chips easily? Although I’m considering a daily hack next year, this’ll be the daily driver (albeit I’m working from home most of the time now)

The drain holes can get clogged with leaves if parked under trees so it’s a good idea to have some sort of cover. The drains have filters which can be cleaned out but are quite difficult to access (see You tube videos). The paint is notoriously thin and easily chipped.

Yes they do suffer from stone chips.

Depending on how long you plan to keep it undersealing could be a good option to consider.

Hi Kevin,
Welcome to the club enjoy your 5 when collected, my wife and I are members in the Solent Region, sadly not much going on due to the covid restrictions on numbers meeting up, lets hope 2021 bring us all more freedom.

Thanks for the welcomes and useful tips and will dive into some research on soft top covers etc. :+1:

Good luck with the new car. I’m like you and finally took the plunge this year and bought an NC…won’t ever be selling it :+1:

With lockdown slowing delivery by a few days it’s finally here and it’s an absolute hoot. It might be cold and damp but using my highly-developed and complicated formula of ‘is it raining?’ before setting off, I’ve had the roof off a few times already. CarPlay app works really well - just needs a bit of getting used to the interface (my last car was a BMW, so I’m used to the iDrive-style way of controlling things). New hood sits a useful few mm away from the roll hoops, too.

One worry I do have is the keyless entry system - would love to hear a few recommendations for RFID-blocking holders/pouches. I have one that is way too large to leave on the keyring, otherwise I’m currently keeping the key in a tin. Something to ‘fit-and-forget’ would be ideal.

I’d be inclined to get Ghost installed and be done with it.