Hello from Islington

Hi there folks,

First time owner in Islington here, but I’ve been looking at getting one for a good while now.

Picked up a 2005 MK3 2.0 Sport recently for a pretty heavily discounted price because of a few of the common issues. Drives well, but taking it to Colin in Bisley this weekend to chat about fixing it up - excited to have a project, and be a part of the club!



Hello and welcome from Nottinghamshire… Hope you’ll soon get any issues sorted, but am glad it drives well as that’s what is key with an MX-5…! :slight_smile:
You’ll always get some friendly good advise sprinkled with some banter every now and then too…


Welcome! Colin knows his stuff so I’m sure he’ll see you right.

Welcome to the club.
What are the common issues affecting your car?

It’s had a bit of a history with rust in the last few years, but after getting it up on a lift it’s thankfully not a total rust bucket just yet. It’ll cost a fair bit, but worth it to save it from the pile, and I plan to keep this and work on it for many years to come. Absolutely in love with the way it drives! Drove a knackered (but faithful!) Ford Focus for years, and have had my eye on an MX5 for a good while now.

There are also some of the panels that have faded over the years differently to the rest of the car, but that’s not by any means urgent.

A bit of a project all in all!

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It doesn’t sound too bad then, if you bought it cheap as well.
And yes, they are a great drive.
Mind, purists say that the NC is not as good as other MX-5’s in that department!

welcome, Colin did some good work on my 2.5 and knows what he’s doing.

Welcome from South Yorkshire