Hello from new member in Suffolk

Just picked up a 2010 2.0 sport tech 6MT with the hardtop yesterday, 54k on the clock, in pretty good condition for the age, very happy with it so far, for the most part!

When it stops raining… i’ll get some photo’s uploaded. Love the gun metal grey paint, it’s lasted really really well.

One thing that’s worrying me slightly that I didn’t pick up on during the test drive is, with the roof up I can hear what sounds like diff whine at low speed during partial to full acceleration - is it normal to hear any whine at all? I’m going into MX-5 ownership with eyes wide open, expecting a lot more mechanical noise than most cars, the whine sounds good to be honest but it’s not ideal if it indicates impending doom. I’ve spent hours scouring online only to find about 800 different answers. I hope the diff isn’t just going to lunch itself and the previous owner knew about it hence selling it :persevere:

Any and all advice welcome, cheers

Hello and welcome from Nottinghamshire. Can’t advise you on what sounds like a diff whine, but be sure they’ll be some that can… Might even come down to just changing the oil in the diff…! Hopefully, whatever it is can be easily sorted.!


Thanks Rob, good to be here. I’ve booked it in at my local Mazda to get the diff oil replaced, i’m sure they’ll mention if it has a load of metal carp in there at which point i’ll look at arranging a mortgage payment holiday heh

Hello and welcome to MX5 ownership. I hope the local Mazda Dealer sets your mind at rest regarding the diff.

I read somewhere, probably on here, that Mazda deliberately built in some differential whine in order to add to the British sports car vibe they were after.
No idea how genuine that is though.

Hello from Suffolk. :grinning: Maybe a trip to a local Club meet and a run out with someone else to have a listen to the whine. Meet details in your area here,

It wouldn’t surprise me mate, i’ve been out in an MGB GT and I can see/feel the similarities. It doesn’t sound like any part of the trans is suffering - it doesn’t sound bad. Just noticeable. Appreciate the info

Cheers Martin, i’ll check it out.

Not really got any decent photo’s yet, apart from one of Paddy Jr before his first run out in it. He loves it as much as his dad. Good lad.