Hello from Northamptonshire

Hi all,

My name is Ben and after owning quite a few mx5’s of many variants I have finally taken the plunge and sorted my membership out now, unfortunatly I was always too busy with landrovers and competing with then to do more with the mazdas apart from track days but now i have had to give that up due to health issues so here I am. I’m from just outside Kettering in Northamptonshire.


I am currently driving a black mk2.5 svt which is quite extensively modified towards track use.  The mk2.5 will being having a turbo conversion carried out over the next couple of weeks just to make it a bit better on those straights on track, and then the brakes looked at and uprated ready to get back out on track. 


I also have a mariner blue mk1 turbo which I’m putting back on the road in the next month or so which again is very modified towards track use but is still a bit more road friendly than the mk2.5.


I look forward to getting along to some events to meet people and also to some track days with everyone 

Welcome to the forum - enjoy your MX5(s). 

Where are you mate? I’m in Desborough

I’m very near to desborough in Loddington mate

We’ll have to meet up. Pm me mate

Bit if an update after a couple of years finally.

The mariner blue mk1 (Jekyll) is a different one but still turbo’d and used as my daily / wet weather track car.

The Black mk2.5 (Hyde) has also been reincarnated as seen below but is 90% track focused. Currently producing 323bhp at the rear wheels with the aim for a good bit more power and torque coming in the next month as its currently in the garage in pieces getting a skunk 2 intake and throttle body with uprated fuel rail, regular and return line before another mapping session.