Hello from Nottingham - New Member

Hi I’m John from Nottingham, I’m 76 years young and own a 2014 MX-5 1.8SE. It is my summer drive.



Welcome John,

2014 car, check out scuttle grommets, underseal,  diff oil also worth changing to get out the lapping/grinding paste.


Hello and welcome. Enjoy. 

Hello John I live in Gotham. Best wishes for a very enjoyable ownership! This snow and frost can’t last forever ??

Hello John, I really hope you enjoy your car, roll on the summertime & welcome to the forum.

Bienvenue John

2017 : https://youtu.be/nqY8boaMdRs

2018 : https://sites.google.com/site/mx5mondrian/home/2018

see you in Normandy next year

Hi John,

I am in Bingham and joined the club four months ago. Welcome to the club

Hi John, welcome from another senior member 

Hi John

Only just down the road in Stoke on Trent enjoy the 5.

Hi John I’m 82 years young with a 2006 1.8 icon enjoy your car