Hello From Notts (Newark area)

Just a quick note to say hello I’ve today just purchased a 55 plate launch edition (number 125) 1 owner from new FSH etc. Really excited but need to tidy the garage out so I can stash it in there so Mrs Blades doesn’t see it otherwise I may need to purchase a new set of dangly bits. Not sure whether I’ll SORN it and just run it in the summer yet or just be the bold headed guy that will be cruising around with the roof down in the bitter cold. Loads of questions to ask but I’ll do my research first (search the forums) and ask if I get stuck.


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Welcome aboard.

Hi Blades1, and welcome. We are a bit further down the A46 at Bingham and have had our MX5 for three years now. We SORN it over the winter (as we did with our previous fair weather car) but loads of owners use theirs all year round, so divided opinion on that one.

Hi blades welcome to the fold, we set out with the top down last Wednesday thinking we’d stop to put the hood down after a mile or two, we arrived home 90miles later hood still down only stopped to take my jacket off ! Roasting toes on half heat setting just needed the aviator cap, my first MX5 winter coming up and I recon many more top down days ahead. Have fun.

Just driven home from Newark (to Sheffield) - work there 2 days a week. I’m new here myself - still looking for my first MX-5, but hoping to find it soon.


Welcome Blades. I’m not far away in Lincoln and yes, I am that bald headed bloke running around with the top down in the winter. :laughing:
I do concede and wear a woolly hat though. The heaters are good but not that good.
Enjoy your ride and who knows, may see you around sometime. :+1:

I’ll let you guess where I’m originally from with my username - I see myself as one of the disciples from gods own country on a mission to deliver Henderson’s relish to the needy

Welcome to the world of MX5 ownership.
Used mine last week for a run to work, top down, heater on and thoroughly enjoyed it. Hoping it stays nice for tomorrow as considering the same run. Keep up the good work with the Henderson’s relish work from a fellow gods countryman !

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Welcome to the forum from just up the A1. You can’t beat driving an MX5 roof down on a cold, sunny and crisp winters day. I would recommend that if you intend keeping the car that you make sure it is well undersealed.

I hope you have got the export licences in order to get the Hendos over the border at Bawtry.



I did wonder about the username. Have to admit to being a southerner myself - but been in Sheffield 18 years, and don’t think I’ll ever move back south.

Ah…a few similarities. In Nottingham here, a few miles down the A46 from you. Just picked up my first ever MX5 last week. Don’t have a garage so it will be used in the winter anyway.

And I also have a football related username, but we’re very much in decline sadly.

Happy motoring.

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Arrived today and it’s a minter - couple of bits of bodywork to sort but nothing too drastic, tight fit into the garage but all tucked away now


Hi Blades1, welcome to the forum and nice user name :grinning:

Lovely looking car


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Went out for a spin on the backroads around the lincs/Notts border on Sunday and it was like been a kid again (so yes I was that stupid bald bloke with the lid down) I’m probably/definitely going to swap the radio out for an Apple car play enabled one (mainly for the maps) and maybe fit some mud guards but I’m thinking of keeping them black (I think this might look a good contrast but options are welcome). There are a couple of paint bubbles on the bottom of the wings which don’t look bad and I’m unsure whether it is worth getting them looked at (I’ll take pics and post on the technical forum for opinions/thoughts). I’m planning on doing the undersealing myself using the Dinitrol kit (might try the good lady’s little steam cleaner jobby to clean the underside although it does look as though it has under sealed at some point). I’ve gone through the service history and its had all its services at Hodgson (Newcastle) with one owner from new. All in all it feels like a quality purchase and something I should have done years ago


Try nipping up the A17 towards Sleaford then turning south through Stragglethorpe and down to Marston. It’s a cracking road.
I’m sure you’ll find plenty of favoured routes over the coming months but wait until the sun comes out and the weather warms up in the spring. Believe it or not, it gets even better :wink:

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Will do - our youth plays cricket for Sleaford so I’m up and down the A17 a lot in the summer

Hi Blades1… I’m not too far away from you - Just north of Mansfied in North Notts…

used to live in Mansfield about 14 years ago on the Sand Quarry at Berry Hill

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