Hello from Pendle Witch country

That’s East Lancashire for the uninitiated :slightly_smiling_face:
We just bought our 3rd MX5, this time a 2006 NC 2.0 Sport.
Previous ones were a 2004 NB Euphonic, and a 2010 NC 2.0 Sport Tech Coupe.
Looking forward to joining runs when times are easier.


Hi not far from you…regularly take the run over Pendle :grinning:

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Hello Fen Tiger

Just in case you are not aware of one of the UK’s finest MX5 specialists pay a visit to
CBS Autos Ecroyd Street Nelson BB9 7BJ 01282 697413 ask for Carl.


Thanks for the info. No doubt I will use their services at some point :+1:

Hello :wave:


Another recommendation for Carl!