Hello from Portsmouth.

Just joined and looking to buy a MX-5/Eunos since had sports cars in the past such as Triumph Spitfire, Mk1 MR2, Mk1 Impreza but currently drive a 2.8 Fourtrak that is not the most fun for the 800 mile a month commuting ion the motorways.

Sadly, my budget can only reach to £1800 and I like the Mk1 look but the Mk2 is more in budget so are they far worse than a Mk1 for rust and handling as I ’m lead to believe?


Hi and welcome to the solent region of the mx5 owners club, you could try these 2 people, Solent mx5 and Dr mx5, I am sure they can help you out…


Welcome  Enjoy the forum 

What about this?