Hello From Portsmouth


Picked-up my first ever Mazda AND MX-5 on Saturday and now using it for commuting, its great that I can actually take advantage of gaps again.
Tis a green MK1 with an N plate, 1.8 engine. Love driving it so far, the commute is plesent once again.

Is my first ever time with a softtop and I have to say that I have noticed the noise almost right away, but I am not bothered about this as I come from motorbiking and I like noise, lets me know stuff is happening.

However, this is my first winter with a car and I am not used to this de-misting lark. Any tips?


Hello and welcome Cool    if she has aircon that is working use that in the morning it works faster.


Pretty sure no air-con, though I might have missed as new to modern fangeld things like that.

Cheers though.

Hi and welcome to the forum.

Hello and welcome!

greetings, good fun innit? Cool

since i dumped my aircon i keep a windscreen wiper blade on the floor to the right of the seat so it’s easy to swipe the whole screen in one go. that makes demisting quicker.


Hi welcome to the world off 5

Hi welcome to the world off 5