Hello from South West Birmingham

Hello everyone,

I’ve just bought another MX-5, after a break of 6 or 7 years, so thought I’d check back in - it was a very useful forum for the last 2 I owned.

My latest is a 2006 NC 2.0 Sport - 95k miles, some rust, quite cheap, in Winning Blue. I’ve only had her a few days, it seems a bit unloved, so sorting a few bits and pieces while I get to know her.

I’ve had a mk2 and a mk 2.5 in the past, and originally was looking for another, however all seemed a bit costly or very tatty. So my wife suggested looking for a mk3. So far so good, and slightly more comfortable for someone of my height.

I’ve got another car, so this is strictly a weekend car, and will be SORN over the winter. I like to do a bit of mechanical stuff, so looking for some sympathetic improvements to tackle.

Looking forward to seeing some of you in the south Birmingham / Worcestershire area soon.


Just out of curiosity, is it a 06 or 56 plate, I part exchanged my NC down your way just under a year ago.
It was a 56 plate NC 2.0 Sport in Winning blue…

Hi Ian,

Thanks for the welcome :grinning:

Mine is a very early 2006 car, 55 plate, so not the same car. But nice to know there are a few others about.

There seemed to be a lot of 2006 NCs in Winning Blue, or at least I noticed quite a few in the time I had mine, not many other years seemed to be in Winning Blue though :thinking:

Hi Dave and welcome.

We’re in Bromsgrove so not far away from you I guess. Enjoy your new car.

Welcome and enjoy the car.

I’m in Halesowen, so might see you around.

Hi ive also just bought my first mx5 mk3 a 2012 1.8 kuro in red mid life crisis :joy: :joy:in the Bromsgrove area

Maybe we should have a Bromsgrove and District MX5 get-together when this is all over.

Hi from redditch I too have a mid life crisis …started when around 1992 had soft tops diffrent makes since

Hi Dave welcome back sure you will love it once you get to know it. I’m from just outside Evesham.
Will you be joining us on our South West Midlands OC drives when we start back up ?
Friendly group for drives out, meetings and shows we are usually quite active.

sounds good

Thanks for the welcome everyone, and I look forward to meeting you all as the situation permits.

I’m based in Longbridge, about a mile from the old Rover plant. Hope to see you all on the roads soon.