Hello from sunny Scotland

Hi everyone! I’m new to MX5s and hoping to pick one up as a weekend car to use in and around central Scotland. That’s the plan anyway! Only ever had sensible cars, so I’m looking forward to open top motoring.

If anyone knows of something pre-2002 do let me know. Would like mk1, budget is more mk2!

Hello and Welcome along, read all you can about buying older cars and if possible have someone who knows what to look for check out known trouble spots.

The age range you’re suggesting is likely (on the basis of probability) to have been or soon require some rust repairs.

Not the end of the world if competently repaired or the extent of future required work is well understood and costed.

That said there is the odd unicorn out there which is in perfect condition and you may just find it!

Brilliant choice of first fun car, you’ll be spoiled for good roads to use it on up there.

The cars are generally very resilient, if you can afford a mk1 they’re a good shout as you’re more likely to get your money back if you do have to invest in some rust repair.
As long as it’s generally solid and it’s been reasonably well looked after, even a scruffy roadster is good fun.


Hi and welcome. Good luck with rhe search !

Thanks all! Been looking for a while
and was starting to spook myself with the rust issues so figured I should just sign up here, commit publicly and then just get on with it :slight_smile: :laughing: Keeping my eye out on the classifieds on this site and with some of the ‘enthusiast’ traders. Slightly wary of auction sites.