Hello from Tokyo (2020.11.03) 2 hour drive and enjoy kayaking in the nature

Drove in beautiful autumn color and reached lake Motosu near Mt. Fuji.
Enjoyed kayaking with my friend.
Great and relaxing exposure to the Mother Nature.
Glass clear lake water !!

Dango saka Motor way rest Area Parking

Drive towards Motosu Lake near Mt. Fuji

Morning haze over the Motosu Lake.

Building up folding kayak.

Very clean lake water. Glass clear !


Oh excellent, what a great way to get away from it all, looks like you had a great time out on the water.


Lovely pictures of Fuji-san. What a great way to relax and unwind with views like that.

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Went for a drive in our beautiful autumn weather this morning, glorious sunshine in north Essex

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Lovely car !! Hope to see more pictures of beautiful Essex.

Yes indeed !! Nice way out from Tokyo. But after fun and joy, always something unpleasnt followed which is heavy traffic back to Tokyo. So I took a nap for a couple of hours and left the place late in the evening to avoid getting trapped in traffic jam :grin:

Thanks for your comment. Fuji san was a bit shy early morning but became brave and I was happy. This is another pic of Mt. Fuji in distance but top is hidden.


Hi, how are you doing, hope you and your family are well as you haven’t posted anything recently. We are getting ready for spring, hard top has been taken off and stored away for summertime. Going to start going out with top down. Hope to hear from you soon.

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Apologize for my snail reply.
Am doing just fine. Thanks for asking.
Interesting to know that you guys will top off in summer but top on in winter time.
We do simply opposite.
We almost have everyday sunshine lovely days in Tokyo in winter time, so we drive top off and enjoy winter driving. But in summer, it is awfully hot and humid here especially recent years thanks to the global warming, so normally we drive top on in Tokyo in summer.