Hello from Tokyo

We are still in the midst of Covid-19 here in Tokyo. Number of newly infected per day in Tokyo is constantly over 200 and today’s number is more than 360.
We soon will have the second wave —.
Want to finish with a bit sad issue and to change the subject.
Enjoyed driving my 1995 Eunos Roadster V special in western part of Tokyo last Sunday with my friend in his Renault 4.


Hello Tokyo, nice to hear from you😁

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Hi from Scotland, Tokyo.
Aware (even here) it is Hiroshima/ Nagasaki 75th “anniversary” day.
Thoughtful day.

Nice “stance” by the way.
What suspension is installed?


ohayo gozaimasu!
I have been watching the news and seen that Japan’s infection rate has been increasing in the last two weeks. I hope you are staying safe and well.

We have a friend who is a member of the Kurakake Roadster Club in Hiroshima. We visited Japan in 2014 and hired an MX5 and went for a drive with them. We also met up with the Shooting Star club too. Such happy memories and we can’t wait to return.

You have a nice looking car - :+1: to the Renault 4; you don’t see many of those over here either.

Mata ne


Hi how are you doing ?


I used to drive a 4L in the hills around the Var valley in southern France. Was a brilliant little thing. Funny thing was the driver seat was often wet. Turned out our dog used to sit in the driver seat and wet herself with excitement when we came back to the car after being in the shops or whatever.
Not sure what I miss more, the car or the dog. Would have them both again in a heart beat.


I am good, hope you and your family are well and stay safe.

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My suspension is from “Buddy Club” made in Japan.
See below.
Attached pic is as fitted to my car.

We had a memorial ceremony in Hiroshima and Nagasaki on 6th and 9th Aug.
Now average age of atomic bomb survivors is over 80 and it is getting more and more difficult to convey tragedy of atomic bomb to generations to come.
Suspension fitted to my V special is “Buddy Club” made in Japan.
See below.

Still many aftermarket sport suspensions for NA(Mark 1) are available in market in Japan.

Number if newly infected in all over Japan has been steadily increasing.
As you may know we are in the midst of Obon vacation this week in Japan. Obon is a time when we welcome our ancestors coming back home, so an important family reunion. Many people normally go back homeland from big cities for this event, but many people stay home in big cities like Tokyo, so family reunion is on Internet —. No hug.

Wow !!!
Thanks for your upload with nice and friendly pictures in Hiroshima. Am sure how you enjoyed driving the latest Roadster in Japan where wheel is located on the correct side of the car. You will come back and am looking forward to seeing you guys here in Tokyo.

This is a picture in my V special facing Zojyoji Temple gate in downtown Tokyo. You see Tokyo tower in behind.

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Thanks for your sweet and a bit wet story.
Renault 4 is indeed a great car we can use for variety of purposes.
I was following R4 driven by my friend.
Despite very low engine power it was a brilliant downhill car.
Enjoy another shot of R4.


Thanks for your asking !
We are all safe and well staying at home.
Many things are changing now.
Kids stay at home and learning on IT without actual communication with teachers and other kids. Are we creating more silent inhuman kids for future ???
IT is useful tool but can not replace teachers.
We may need to spend also big amount of money to hire teachers instead of inhuman IT tools.
We are lucky in Japan still to able to have new publishing of Eunos with goodies.


Brilliant photos! I needed one of those steering wheel covers this week - but it looks like we’re going back to usual UK summer weather soon…

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Yes it is a shame about the children’s Education, let’s hope in the not to distant future something can be organised so they may return to school properly and return to seeing their friends. Social interaction is such an important part of their Education for life and their well being mentally. Let’s hope they stay safe, whatever they do.


It has been awfully hot this summer in Tokyo. Everyday over 35 deg.C. People wear masks, so feel even hotter with masks. Because urban surfaces are mostly covered by concrete, heat is absorbed by daytime sunshine and also by heat created by AC, night ambient temp often stays high above 30 deg.C, so can not sleep well without AC. Also skyscrapers recently built along Tokyo bay stop sea breeze wind flow, so heat stays in town. Bad urban design indeed



Agree with your comment.
Our school system in general however is not advanced yet in terms of IT, so still interaction in school may stay —.
Our economy is

(or is forced to) slowing down, but I like this way.

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