Hello from up north in North Yorkshire

Good afternoon all and hello from North Yorkshire,

I am new here and new to MX5 ownership having had my Winning Blue 2006 2.0 Sport NC for just over a week.

Had the top down yesterday as the weather was lovely so decided to take the wife for a spin. Nearly scared her to death when I overcooked it on a right hand bend.

Car is great and I love it.


Hello and welcome! Very nice and neat and the blue looks great!


Hello and welcome from North Nottinghamshire… Your NC looks great in Winning Blue! Enjoy :slight_smile: Rob

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Thank you. It IS a beautiful car and in great condition. I love it and I’m sure my wife and I will enjoy many happy miles and memories with it.

It’s only my personal opinion of course but I DO think this is the best colour. :grin:

Welcome and a great looking car

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Thank you very much and thank you.

It’s a lovely car and great colour. I’ve just got it and it’s in really great condition

Great colour!
I’m in North Yorkshire…near Skipton.

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Hello from East Yorkshire

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Is it your first mx ?

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Hello from West Yorks.
(Just waiting for South Yorks to rock up now :smiley:)

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Another ‘Hi’ and welcome. From the east coast of North Yorkshire.

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Loving the profile pic :+1:

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Welcome and yes it is a beautiful colour.
Mind, designs as great as the MK3’s look good in any colour.

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Yes it is

Agreed the car looks great in all colours

Thank you.

Hello and thank you.

Hello West Yorkshire great to hear from you.

Yes this is my first MX5

Hi great to hear from you. It’s beautiful where you are there over by Skipton.