Hello, looking for MK1

I am new to the forum, i was thinking of buying my first MX5, MK1 was my thoughts to put my toe in the water, any advice on what to look for or recommended sellers, or possibly ask on this forum if any one has one for sale ?
Any advice would be gratefully accepted
Obviously in these difficult times viewing would not be possible but any advice might help me prepare for the right time

Rust is the main issue. Mechanically, they are sound. Trim can start to look a bit worn now, but they are all old cars now.

Values have risen enough that I think a fresh import, with whatever cosmetics are needed, is likly a better long term bet that a slghtly cheaper UK car. I ould recommend Autolinkuk, though the cars might not be easily viewable. However, they can import to order, and given that we are not going anywhere until, I suspect, June (and even then, it will be extremely limited), might be a good idea contacting Andrew and Autolinkuk, and sart discussing your requirements:

1.6 or 1.8?
Automatic or manual
Cloth or leather

Realistically, you are looking at £4000-5000. Problem with the imports right now id that it looks like the virus is really picking up over there.

Takes 6 weeks to ship a car over, and Andrew can take care of the incidentals needed to get the car rady for the road.

If buying a car thats been in the UK a while, budget on rear sills/arch lips @£1500 all in

Having owned both uk and import Mk1 versions, my preference would be an import, saz9961 has the right idea but I suspect you were not thinking of spending £4k plus!
Whatever your budget buy the best your budget allows, you can check any cars MOT history on the DVLA site to get an idea of how the car has been looked after. There is no such thing as a bargain “project” car.
Whilst these cars are mechanically good, cars with no recent service history will eat money.
The dreaded rust. If you can see the the sills have been patched walk away! 9/10 times when this has been done the inner sills will also require attention, this can run into inner rear wheel arches.
Front wings around the joint with the bumper and around the sill are also prone to rust.
There are still some good clean cars out there so be patient look at a few before you buy, if you do this you will know a good one when you see it.
Good luck

that is so helpful, thank you so much gents , as it happens i have had a look at a (driving project car) his words not mine, observing the safe distance rules and have decided its not for me.
I think a fresh import sound interesting, have seen some on internet but they want 6 to 7 K,
My budget is about 5k so i might struggle, i will keep looking and take all advice given with a view to find the right car eventually
thanks again for your help.

I have an early MX5 mk1 may 1990 that I am not really using very much and thinking of selling this year. It is white manual with no rust and never had any. No modifications, runs perfectly, mileage 90k miles. Looking for around £3k Bristol area. Message me if interested.

RUST! Everything else is fixable & cheapish

Yes i am interested
Not sure of forum protocol, can you post video or send to my email ?

Yes good advice for me, not bad mechanically as i am an engineer but not familiar with body work repairs


Not fresh off the boat, but never used on UK roads. Need some cosmetics.

Thanks for the offers
I am a bit lost been looking so much
I was really looking to spend 4 to 5k
For a finished car
Is either of the cars shown in a finished state or will they need more work
Regards Den

You need to ask the seller. They won’t need much, and are a great deal for cars with chassis that clean.

Than you
I will get in touch

hi there

I have just put my Eunos Mk1 up for sale on the site

If interested feel free to contact me. Its a very clean car, with no welding

Hi thanks for offer, i have purchased a GL limited mk 1, hope you do well in your sale
regards Dennis

pleased you found one. Sold mine a coupe of weeks ago now to another club member which was pleasing as its gone to a good home

Enjoy your car