Hello everybody!

I bought my MX 5 RF, (69 plate) a couple of weeks ago, and initially joined this forum because I am looking for a reverse parking sensor solution.

Having read a few posts I am hoping to get a lot more information about my new car, (bought to replace a Mazda 2 Sport, which was a great car).

That’s about it for now, so thanks for reading.




You do not say if you have a problem OR you wish to buy 7 fit, if its the latter these people are just great, they have now fitted colour coded sensors to 4 of our cars 2 of which were MX5 1 x Mk3 and our new ND


Road Radio For Professionally Fitted Reversing Parking Sensors

I wish to buy… thanks for the link, I’ll have a look. I also found a post on this forum from someone who sells a kit. I’ll update this thread to advise which option I go with but thanks again for the link.

Edit to add: I’ve just clicked the link and they only work down south… I’m in Manchester, but thanks again, anyway. :slight_smile: