Help needed with engine swap 1.8

Hi all, looking for some help or recommendations.

I daily my Eunos V-Spec 1995 and do all the not so serious work myself, after 145k miles I’ve got rod knock and need a swap. I’ve sourced a great, like for like, low mileage engine. But garages are quoting around £600 for the job (not including the engine). I’m based around Coventry-London.

This seems a bit steep for something that I’d ideally like to help/learn on. It’s more than I was expecting, basically I can’t take the cost. The pressing matter is that I’ve only really got until late June to have it running again because I’ve just finished uni and have a job starting date.

So I’m wondering if anybody has any recommendations, advice or offers of help to keep my Mx-5 on the road. Ideally i'd give somebody some decent cash to go through the swap. Cheers all!



Hi James

Unfortunately that is about the right amount for a mainstream garage to charge for an engine swap.

I would have thought you could find a independent garage in coventry that would do it for £400 - have you tried Walsgrave garage? Its been some while since I used them but they still have a very good reputation and fair pricing.

Unfortunately this is not a job you can really compromise with. Pay a professional with the right kit and relevant experience to fit it for you.