Help, new rear ARB bushes and rear drop links and still knockingšŸ¤¬

Spent the morning changing rear ARB bushes and rear drop links to try and cure a knocking from the rear over small road bumps etc. Well guess what! It still knocksšŸ¤¬ anybody got any ideas what else it might be. 5 is a 2007 NC 2.0 sport running standard sport billies with Eibach springs. Thanks all.

Itā€™ll be the Bilsteins then. I did change all my droplinks, checked everything known that could produce a rattle over small but not large imperfections in the road and zero, found nothing.
I had a set of MeisterRā€™s fitted, silence, no more rattles.

Thanks MickAP, I agree with you, I checked all the linkage bushing and non were deteriorated. So I think your route is needed. Cheers

Iā€™ll second what mick says. I had same on a 2006 sport. I did all the usual, drop links, checked all bolts, exhaust fittings etc, but once I fitted the vmaxx coilovers, it was a massive improvement. The bilsteins do get noisy.

The last knock was solved when I removed the rear bumper, a really simple job. There are some plastic brackets / straps, one was loose and flapping. Glued it back in place and another, yet smaller, knocking gone

Iā€™ve read others have had the same annoying rattle, severe speed bumps nothing, deepish potholes nothing, small imperfections or ripples in the road it rattled. I suffered with this for 2 years and bit the bullet and had a set of the MeisterRā€™s fitted just because I also wanted the adjustable ride height and adjustable firm/soft options.
Do take on board what others may suggest before spending your money on changing the suspension, my cure was just that though.

Hi had an annoying rattle or rough ā€˜jiggerlyā€™ road surfaces in my NC 3.75, think I have sorted it by greasing the front caliper slider pins with silicone grease. I found that the caliper had slight side to side movement when leaned on. I have checked the discs and hub areas for over heating all fine so calipers and brakes performing ok. Hope this may help someone with an annoying rattle, worth a try.