HELP! we need some decent role graphics.

This forum does not come with any standard grahpics for roles.  We have dispaying currently; Administrator and Area Coordinator.  I did those in a hurry, can you tell ?

So if someone could assist and make up or find us some suitable graphics that fit the general forum theme then it would be appreciated.  Post any suggestions here.  I think they need to be 100 wide and probably similar height to the current ones.  Cheers…

I like this one, a bit big but it gets the point across[;)]


So any one able to assist please?  I’m fed up with looking at my amateur efforts already… !

bet you copied most of that from notices nailed to the mast of the convict ship you went out on geoeff [;)]

ps hope this comes out right, im still in a practice stage,

You’ve got my email address Martin. [;)]

What do you need ?

I will email you, cheers.

woops, seem to have broken them now !!!