help with bolt on turbo kit!!

 hi ive jst bought a godspeed bolt on turbo kit for my eunos mk1 1.6, need a few questions answered if poss…thanx

firstly wll i have to lower the compression when putting this kit on? (im only running this very low boost by the way)

wht boost can i get outa standard kit? ( intercooler and td05 turbo will be fitted)

ive been told to fit 1.8 fuel injectors and an fse fuel valve to adjust fuel pressure,if this is right wud anyone knw the standard fuel preesure of a mk1 1.6 also are there other injectors i can fit bar mazda ones?

anything else to look out for?



I fitted a Greddy kit to my 1.6. No need to change the compression ratio, I’m only running 6psi of boost but others are running double this, I’m sure, on standard engines.

Boost level really depends on how much you want to spend on controlling it. 6psi and you can just retards the ignition, bolt on an AFPR and go. Higher boost means more risk, so more sophisticated control over the spark and fueling is needed.

if you fit mk2.5 injectors with the 4 holes they run at a higher fuel rail pressure so you would need to up the rail pressure for them to work as they should, mk1 43psi mk 2.5 50 psi.

uping the pressure on standard mk1 injectors will make them ‘over fuel’ as in delivery more fuel per minute.

The link below should help.

The engine will not need the compression ratio lowered as it’s a low compression engine anyway the it was designed for the 323 turbo.

if you are thinking of boost levels higher than 6psi you will need bigger injector…as the last thing you want is to run the engine lean…