Help with Dipstick

Hi can anyone help with dipstick info my manual dipstick show dipstick with lines low ok & full … my MK 3 has a dipstick with 2 small holes at the bottom about 1/2 inch apart so not sure where the level should be… thanks

You have the newer replacement dipstick, the top hole is the full mark, anywhere below that top up with oil to bring it full again.
If it’s gets as low as the bottom hole you’ll be in trouble, don’t let it drop that low.

Bottom one is the newer style.

The old dipstick had the lines but was hard to read, the replacement dipstick had the holes for Min and Max

Thanks for the speedy reply that’s very helpful :+1: new members looking forward to meeting some of you when were allowed :roll_eyes:

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I swapped to the new style dipstick but still found it a pain to read. Key is to let it settle overnight as oil gets into the dipstick tube and gives weird and wonderful readings.

I accidentally overfilled it as I couldn’t get a decent reading while on a road trip (couldn’t park on level ground overnight so had to check after driving to a petrol station).

Had to drain off about 400cc to drop from a quarter of an inch above the top hole to level with the top hole.