Help with future purchase FX65MXG

Hopefully going to view this tomorrow, any opinions?

Gearbox issues on the older models or nothing to worry about? , I know there are no pics but sales video below.

Looks a good price for the spec. It has the full body kit too.

Number plates show previous dealership being Nunns at Grimsby which would be correct for the Lincs FX registration.

I use Nunns for my servicing and repairs. A very highly respected dealer. Any history of work done there will have been done 100%.

Edit the thread title to include the FX65MXG reg. Will be way more likely to get a response from a previous keeper.

Thanks, rate Nunns highly that is where my current Mazda 3 is from.

MOT 19 September 2019, expires 25 September 2020. Mileage was 13,405 when tested.