Here we go......a new chapter :-)

Evening All

So here I am, looking to finalise my choice on an NC model.  I’ve had Audi TT’s and a Boxster, both cars enjoyed, but a new chapter in life and some new thinking on what I want from the third car.   We are stuck with 2 sensible company motors in the household - hence the need for something sporty and which is rewarding to drive.  We plan to take this car on some European trips, first in late Sept, and then get involved in the owners scene (didn’t enjoy the porsche owner scene I have to say!).

We have a slightly unusual plan maybE,  it here goes.   Late model NC, 1.8 soft-top, keeping it simple and close to the original concept.   And then a visit to BBR for their 175 engine tune (new cams etc).

Anyone else got this conversion?   Does the exhaust upgrade leave the car too noise inside?  Will the car be ok without an lsd?

Planning to updating the progress of purchase in this thread

Thanks for listening 



Hi and welcome, good choice with an NC 

But why not go for the 2.0? approx 160BHP and an LSD.



Hello and welcome to the forum, please consider the 2.0 litre version


and so the purchase has been made, after looking at loads more Boxsters and loads of MX-5s (its been a journey!!)


what never ceases to amaze me, is how poor the condition of some cars are tbh, poor documentation, awkward dealers or owners trying to not reveal the full story.  its been hardwork, but then buying at a lower cost base and expecting perfection isn’t an ideal start point either :slight_smile:     after looking at loads of boxsters, you remember people start to cut corners on maintenance due to rising costs as the cars get older, and so they become an expensive proposition (i do like the flatsix thou) (I’ve owned a Cayman before).


and so what did we buy?   realised i wanted a 2.0ltr 6spped through the process, so dropped on a 2 owner 32,000mls 2007 Z-Sport.   the condition is cracking with no corrosion anywhere and really nice service history at the same garage for the last 7years and Mazda before that.   4 new Avon tyres 3mths ago.  New callipers on the front this year.    


i remember after buying loads of cars over the years, you can spot a which has been cared for easily when you’ve looked at loads of cars (which we have done)


so here we go - starting off on a purple journey :slight_smile:


off on a 7day alps tour in mid Sept - so needs a good shake down before then

Loved my ZSport that I sold a few months back. A wise choice. Check your drop links for wear, if in doubt change them before your continental trip. If they start clunking they will get on your nerves, if one snaps it won’t be very nice on the twisty bits. In the meantime enjoy looking at it whenever the sun shines, it’s an amazing colour.

your in the Soul now thou - lovely colour :slight_smile:

im looking forward to enjoying the motoring and ownership tbh (like a bit polishing and detailing - great colour for that). is the front or the back on these drop links? or is it worth getting them all done and 4wheel aligned from the off?

is there an area on the forum of roadtrips - might do a little writeup too

Hi welcome to the club.

MX5 is the best car I’ve had.

I would get a 2 litre NC

im on my 7th, enough said

happy motoring



Hi Craig and welcome on board; great choice of colour by the way. First thing to do is a four-wheel alignment and while you’re at it get new drop links fitted; the original one’s are unlikely to last much longer…

Hello and welcome to the forum

Perhaps you should consider joining the owners club and putting a report of your travels in Soft top Hard top  the club mag 

Good choice on the ZSport, also we are just back from a 7 country 2 week road trip, 2300 miles and not a missed beat, that included Autobahns, love the unrestricted part, and mountain roads that ran out of tarmac.

Enjoy it and don’t forget to wave.

Picked the car up.   really impressed with the careful ownership and condition - 31250mls on the clock, never had an MOT advisory.   

Really looking forward to getting acquainted over the BH weekend, and then europe in Sept


9id add a photo, if i could workout how!! :-/

1st road trip booked for the mx:


(did a 300mls shake down at the weekend - all good)


and so cars been on the ramps, issues to identified as follows:

nearside front calliper (os had been done)

front pads

rear pads and rear discs

gearbox oil

diff oil

oil and filter change

coolant change

4 drop links 

underneath, chassis side, sill tidy-up (the rest of the car has been nice waxolyed)

re-proof the roof

the fluids are being done so we know where we are really - 11years old and all that


generally car looks good underneath


fancy doing that lumber support install into the seats I’ve seen here - using the Blood Pressure cuffs


two weekends before we are set - cant wait