Hey hey from Cornwall

Hi everyone,

My name’s Sam and I recently took delivery of the car pictured below. Its my second MX5 having owned an NB for a short while. As its going to have to perform daily duties along side being a weekend car Ive gone for a NC this time for a little more refinement/adult job friendliness. My NC was a bit low/noisy/uncomfortable and as Im pushing 40 I needed something a bit more grown up.

Its a 2007 2.0 option pack with the PRHT. I think Ive found a good one so far with FSH and only ever failed one MOT in its whole life. Garaged all its days, undersealed and seems pretty rot free. Im also into old Land rovers (Basically it seems I like small, rust prone vehicles :grin:) and have two series threes, one working and one about to be restored.

Looking forward to maybe meeting a few fellow MX5 enthusiasts and perhaps even doing a track day or two one day. I want to get some coil overs and better wheels and tyres on it first. Its current Toyo Proxes are ok, but Im a bit suspicious of the “Halfords finest” Calibre wheels and Id like something a little wider than 7" and some Michy rubber

So the list of mods is already growing, but more than anything Im just really enjoying driving this Wonderfull little car.Feel free to give me a shout if you’re down this way, have any expert advice, or just want to say hi :wave:


Hi Sam and welcome from Nottinghamshire. Hoping the roads down your way are less clogged up now with holidaymakers…! and you can enjoy your NC in some late summer sunshine…! :slight_smile:


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Welcome from a fellow PRHT owner in Cumbria.
We went to Cornwall last year for a holiday and chose the 5 over the SLK for the trip, because it is so much more fun.
Your car looks meaner than mine as it is, I will be curious to see what it looks like with new wheels.

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Hi Sam, welcome to the club, I’m a Cornwall Member and have been for a few years.
We have a meeting this Sunday 12th at Cornwall services, Victoria, we will be there 1pm / 1.30pm come and find us,
Enjoy the your car.

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Hi Sam, welcome. Originally from Looe now in West Wales . Nice looking car :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:

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Some crazy roads near Boscastle where you can be in bright sunshine and then suddenly disappear into fog and then back out the other side :grinning: :grinning:

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Hi mate,

Unfortunately Ive got my mum down this weekend. Not seen her for 18 months so cant really escape to attend the meet this time. But it would be a huge favour if you’d keep me posted any future meets as Id really love to get along to one.

Are there any threads on her for Cornish crew meet ups, or any Facebook/Istagram pages or people I should look up?

Tanks for your reply, hope to catch up one day.


yea our north Cornish and most southern Cornish coast roads seem to be my favourites so far… then the byways for the Landy :smiley:

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Sam,youcan keep an eye out

via f

You can keep an eye on activity via Facebook Cornish Fives MX5.
Also the events section on here has diary dates. i Wii also let our area coordinator know (Kelvin Hills) who can add you to our list

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Awesome thanks. I’ve joined Cornish fives and will hopefully get to a meet some point soon :+1:t3:

It’s a 2 seater isn’t it? :wink:

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Hi I just took delivery of a 2007 2ltr as per your photo although in copper red, please advise what does PRHT stand for. Thanks

Yea but then the mrs would have to be left out and that’s a fight I don’t need in my life :joy:

Now, I’m no expert but I believe it’s a Power Retracting Hard Top? (PRHT)

And let’s see some pictures of the new motor then. Where abouts you based? :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes::+1:t3:

Sounds good, thanks

I’m in Cheshire, no pics yet. Cheers

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It’s power retractable hard top… My car is copper red.