Hey - we got ourselves our own little West London forum!

Welcome to the West London area forum [<:o)]

It’s our own little bit of hyperspace to converse on all things MX5, get to know other members from the area and build up the community [:D]

Events will still be posted in the usual meetings, events drives area.


Hi Bob, thought I’d pop in and say hello…[Y]

cool, you found the area forums, there are too many to choose from at the moment, will trim down a bit so those who have off site forums just get a link like old forum…  :) 

need more smileys…

 Only 8 years after the first West London forum (yes it really is that long, Bob)[:P]


Hi all,

Like the new style forum. Seem to have lost my Zippy avatar thingy though which is a bit ironic seeing as Zippy the car was rear ended on Thursday afternoon.  Damage bad, don’t think he’s going to make it. Probably shouldn’t say anything else until the insurance has come through.  Suffice to say I am absolutely gutted.  Got him brought home this morning and spent most of the day in tears [::(]

Am hoping to have a courtesy car sorted by Monday, in which case I’ll try to pop down to the Dysart for the monthly meeting as I haven’t been to it in ages.

Take care,


Hi Karen

That’s terrible news, I’m really sorry to hear about your car, hope that you’re ok, that’s the main thing.

Hope that you get everything sorted out with the minimum amount of fuss…[;)]

Let us know how you get on.


Oh no Karen, that’s such bad luck [:(]

And Zippy was looking so good after his polish up and new hood.  Gutted just doesn’t go far enough to describe how I’d feel.  Hope you can make the meet on Monday and we can all give you a hug [}]


Where has my life gone? [^o)]

Wish we could have that old one back.  The previous OC forum could at best be described as over-crowded ■■■■, and this new one is already making it’s predecessor look light.

 Speak your mind, Gary [:P]
 How ya doin anyway?

Had to jump start the 5 yesterday :(  Reason for the flat battery is a back problem that will just not go away.  Still the MX5 was better off than the RX7 which now needs a new battery post the existing one being pancaked.
How many of us are around these days ?  I still struggle to make meetings.

Good to see but where do owners of Mk2’2 get their vehicles serviced? Mine car was due one sometime ago and find difficulty in
trusting garages, especially the ones along Colindale and Kilburn. Advice much appreciated, thanks